Friday, May 27, 2011

Ciga-Rette The Ogre (Part 1)

She lived with her mother and sister
Her name, they called her Dora
In their house, there was no Mister
Just mom and twin sister Nora

Nora was quiet and timid
Never too far from home
Dora, she was intrepid
Precocious, loved to roam

Near their village lived an ogre
And its name was Ciga-Rette
Hideous, hairy in a toga
It was village people it ate

Long, long before nightfall
Young and Old rushed indoors
Windows, doors, they locked them all
As Ciga came stalking outdoors


  1. aa isn't this a children song??
    really nice!

  2. Gifty:

    Great memory, but it is slightly more than a song. It was a story we were told as kids complete with song, and here is my poetic rendition in English. Thanks for liking it.

    It will be in 3 or 4 parts.


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