Friday, May 20, 2011

Brand Spanking New in the City of Accra

For a long time, during the dark days of mean military machismo, everybody was too scared of unspeakable ‘horribles’ to own a car as fresh as a daisy. In any case, very few possessed the moolah to buy a brand new auto. These days are different – it’s sunny. Many people can, and do, buy ‘wheels’ wrapped in a box. Then, they cruise the city in it for at least 365 days with the seats still rubber-wrapped to prove it is new. Ridiculous!


  1. Is the shrink-wrapping for preservation (from weathering) or as a badge of brand new? Hahahah... thought it was the former...

  2. Anonymous20 May, 2011

    Perhaps the problem comes from the source, the dealership?

    When I bought my car, they immediately removed all the the plastic, inside and out, before they handed me the keys...

    How about people just buy those clear plastic seat covers and calling it a day??

  3. Yeh - I think it is certainly as a badge of brand new. I am positive of that. Rubber/Polythene on seats is plainly stupid for sitting on. Plus in this heat, air conditioning regardless ...

    Anon - The dealership may not take out the plastic. But it is not their fault. People take the wrapping of footwear, electronics and everything else, no? Btw, I know many Ghanaians who will not take of the plastic film on the display screen of any electronic. Lol...

  4. Anonymous20 May, 2011

    Hey Nana, do you know how long before they'll be able to buy another brand new anything?

    Please allow. Let them marinate in the beauty of newness and wallow in the feeling for as long as they are ble to keep up the self-delusion.

    I believe ultimately the facade not meant for public but rather private consumption.

  5. Kwame Mensa-Bonsu21 May, 2011

    Ow Gh! We used to have those fluffy seat covers....are they out of fashion?


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