Thursday, April 14, 2011

The Psycholinguistic ‘Prostitute’

Men who act this way must be barred from politics for life.

You’re not man enough to take her on in a popular vote, so you call her a prostitute. Your evidence – she’s not married. She has two children. She’s had different lovers over time. That’s your case!

Rubbish. You know how this society sees women who receive a nightly wage for a bodily transaction. It’s psycholinguistics. You don’t fight fair to win. You label your female opponent that way to win. Politics is not just about winning.

To everybody practising the psycholinguistic ‘prostitute’ political prank, some village is missing an irreversible idiot, and you are he.


  1. When did this happen?
    Whoever said that (if he is a politician in Ghana - yes I am making GROSS generalizations) is probably a man-whore. Has many girlfriends young enought to be his daughter and at least a couple of bastards (sorry for the use of the word) scattered all over the place. Nonsense! Idiot

  2. Kwame Mensa-Bonsu14 April, 2011


  3. Whoaa...the claws came out. same crap different day.

  4. @ Lady Jaye - I'm told this happens to women politicians in Ghana ALL THE TIME!

  5. @ Kwame Mensa-Bonsu - Yeah, ouch!

  6. @Nana Yaw: yes, female politicians get that a lot but so do other women who ward any form of power in this country; it is the standard insult if they are obviously not married and/ or have kids.

  7. @ Tetekai - That makes the situation wider and more grave than I was given to believe. Hmm.


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