Monday, April 25, 2011

All Roads Lead to "Square One" in Accra

Accra can be exciting for those who loathe the herd mentality. One long holiday, and the flock ‘spooked’ to see Adams Apples or the Fabolous Concert or some pool party whose name I forget. The original mind, on the other hand, has ‘owned’ a sprawling, not-crowded city to explore and revel in – and it has been electric. There’s one last chance today, but the herd is already heading to the beach or the Accra Mall.


  1. That makes me miss home. TWO WHOLE DAYS OFF for Easter.

    Back at my desk this Monday morning and trying really hard to keep myself from going postal on the entire floor of well-behaved, hard-working drones.


  2. Kwame Mensa-Bonsu26 April, 2011

    The herd mentality is a Ghanaian malaise that rears its head in business as well. One old lady hears/sees another old lady "doing well" due to the trotro/taxi/communication centre bought/set up by the other old lady's burger son/daughter, and she wants the same from her burger son/daughter. Soon everybody has the same type of business in a small area...and no one makes any money!


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