Friday, March 18, 2011

The Son Who Wanted a Car

A son badly wanted a car
On his coming birthday
He found sly ways to hint his Pa
Whose wealth was off display

The birthday came; it surely did
The Son, he got a bible
And a hearty dinner of squid
He felt like Cain, not Abel

A year after the Son’s letdown
He went to see his Pa
And accosted him with a frown
His harsh words left a scar

The old man fell down, and he died
He couldn’t bear the words
And after all the tears had dried
It all then turned absurd

Found stuck inside the Holy Book
Were keys to a new car
If only the Son did look
He'd have both car and Pa


  1. Very touching, I like this.... and moral behind this is......... never want anything too much lol.

  2. Oh chalie..touching..

  3. @ fafa Q:

    I think the moral is something else. I can't quite articulate it, but if the Son had respected the Pa's apparent gift of a bible, he may have seen the car keys and not had to wait for a whole year and Pa's death.

  4. I like this parable on the futility of using religion to deliver an important message - it can often get lost within the 'letter of the law'! ;-)

  5. the moral and the touche...

    Touching narrative though...

  6. Apparently he did not know is dad well or the desires of his heart. If you are close to your father it is easier to understand him. Had I know is always at last and at large ready to getcha! hehe... poor idiot!

  7. Perception is everything. Good lesson on the fact that people tend to see what they 'want' to see for the most part.

  8. Thank You Nana. I actually learnt a very important lesson.


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