Thursday, March 10, 2011

Radio School

Radio trumps competing media on following in Ghana and has not been assailed any by the internet revolution. So, could there be a radio station fixating on youth-education? Would they be able cover their overheads and bank some extra takings? Just thinking aloud and continuing to doubt formal education more every day.


  1. True, but I doubt your *target population listens to the radio much... this is purely anecdotally speaking, so I could be wrong.

  2. How about old school Pirate radio.
    Is it illegal in Ghana?
    The Counselor can be on the phone whilst his lesson is played on air.

  3. The very moment the output of the radio is educational people would listen less, most especially the youth. If it were music and politics good. And sports too. Structured education? I doubt it would receive that patronage. But one can only conjecture if one hasn't ventured.

  4. why not NY? Not as if we've tried anything else besides the malfunctioning staut-quo.

    Get Mrs Mensah on the radio talking algebra in between Asem club mixes. Yeah!

  5. 2 more ideas
    * Online radio
    * Record each lesson and make audio file available for people to pass to each other via mobile fone. (it has worked very well for getting sex videos around)


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