Monday, February 21, 2011

Where’s the Cheap Telecom Rates You Promised?

In the city of Accra, they promised candy-coin rates for telephone and internet use. They guaranteed that this nirvana would ‘snow’ on us with several network providers. We should have known from ‘snow’. We’ve waited for two years and more. The phone and ‘net’ budget is still running deep in citizen coffers. They play pretend-promotions and scrimp prizes you’ve paid for anyway through your bills. If you wanted a car or a phone or a paid dinner somewhere, you would have known where to go to.

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  1. They are cartels. They collude tacitly to fix prices and in the open pretend to compete. If consumers have shown that they are willing to pay x amount and by reducing yours to x-u you won't draw much customers from company H, you keep your product price at x and still receive the x amount. However, i don't believe with the easy way of changing chips we can say that price is inelastic for these services. that's why I say they have colluded to in secret and openly pretends competition.

    as for the prizes it has always been part of their cost of production. hence, they even earn more profit on them. besides, if you really want to give something to someone you don't ask him to txt so many times to increase his probability of winning. In fact they have taken over the national lotteries. we need not to listen to these chaps.

  2. @ Nana Fredua-Agyeman:

    Interesting point you make. My office mates and I are incidentally discussing this at this moment. They agree that the telcos collaborate in private and 'compete' as a public facade, unlike the banks who simply don't bother to pretend any such thing at all.


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