Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Teacher is Hanging

A teacher is playing Verb-Charades with his eight-year old pupils. He goes down on all fours, and they shout, “Teacher is crawling, teacher is crawling.”

He gets up off his hands and they scream, “Teacher is crouching, teacher is crouching.”

He stands up, and they yell, “Teacher is standing, teacher is standing.”

He starts bobbing on the spot, and they call out, “Teacher is jumping, teacher is jumping.”

From here, things take a macabre turn. The passion of the moment seizes the teacher, and he feels he must outdo himself to please his pupils. He puts a table in the middle of the classroom, just under the fan. Take stands on it and takes off his belt. He makes a noose and puts it around his neck.

As the teacher mimics a hanging man, the pupils break into the refrain, “Teacher is hanging, teacher is hanging.”

The teacher starts to dance to the rhythm of the pupils’ chants. He sways this way and that. He gyrates a bit too hard, and the table collapses under his feet. The children love it – their teacher can act so real!

Outside in the other classrooms, the teachers become a bit worried. The refrain, “Teacher is hanging” has been going on for ten minutes, and the devilment of the pupils is rising into a frenzy.

“Teacher is hanging, teacher is hanging”

When the other teachers run into the classroom, the teacher hangs dead from the ceiling fan!

(Picture credit - blogs.pitch.com)


  1. Experience is the best teacher! I love this.

  2. This sounds like one of my teachers at a primary school i attended in Accra. The guy was always on weed, sent us out for no real reason and ended up nicking money from us. Then when we complained and harassed him he would recite a poem entitled "the fact the still remains the same"(i.e the fact still remains the same that the world would come to an end one day, that u will be punished if u did wrong and that he will be accused cos no one remained in the class but him when all the students were sent out lol) a whole lot of absolute tosh. Well the guy hanging sounds like he had too many to smoke and was buzzing: bobbing, hanging, standing crawling etc for no real reason are all symptoms of being high lol

  3. Shout out to Bob Okalla!!!!!

  4. Oh, the poor kids; to have to witness this stupidity. I guess it is their naivety that blinded them to the fact that the teacher just committed suicide.

  5. Hmmm... There are times when certain acts leave you speechless. This happens to be one of them.

  6. ugh.... is this real?
    And Nana, I feel....overlooked!

  7. Kwame Mensa-Bonsu08 February, 2011

    "Overteaching" ! Mad!

  8. Errrmmm... Context please?

  9. @ Nana Fredua-Agyeman:

    Oh, you mean Experience is a better teacher than the man who 'committed' suicide? Those unfortunate kids are still without a teacher. Please tell me where Experience is, so I can tempt him to go and teach the poor kids. :-)

  10. @ Fafaq:

    I always thought that since all manner of people do the 'herb', some teachers would too. But this is the first time I'm hearing a former pupil actual finger a teacher for real. How sad!

  11. @ Anon:

    Yes, this was said on 'Keysoap Concert Party' (lol). But it was not really Okalla who said it.

  12. @ Tetekai:

    'Toli'! That should make you feel better.

  13. @ Enyonam:

    Akoa no, oye nam paaa!

  14. @ Adaeze:

    No, the truth of this one is doubtful ;-).

    Look for me where you would usually find me.

  15. @ Kwame Mensa-Bonsu:

    Brilliant creation - Overteaching! Wow!

  16. @ Yeh:

    Difficult to say. The background is all I have given up there. A teacher who gets carried away with the positive responses of his class and ends up losing his life for it.


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