Monday, February 28, 2011

Apapa Kama Sutra – There Was No Sex Before Camera Phones!

So a Junior High School boy and girl had a table-top tryst, and the boy folly-filmed it on his camera phone. Big donkey deal. Then, he went bananas and blue-toothed the clip to all the boys in the hood. Big deal. Boys will be boys. Then there was a crazy, chain reaction. Education authorities banned mobiles phones. As if the poor phones caused the sex. As if you can only have sex if you need a camera phone to have sex. Therefore if there were no camera phones, there would be no teen sex. Brilliant! Now the school has expelled the girl. In her private pleasure, she seems to have humiliated the school! Excellent thinking all-round. Now we can all forget about the development we dream of. Our educators know nothing! If I were a camera phone in Ghana right now, I would be very, very offended.


  1. wow this is crazy! I can't believe this was their solution to the "humiliation" primitive!

  2. Always interesting to see how people try to twist two wrongs into a right.

    I feel for the girl, first humiliated then expelled. Incidentally did the boy get the same punishment by the school authorities?

    So many wrongs with this picture...

  3. The boy must have gone scot free, doncha know. And what will a ban on mobile phones do in stopping students in co-eds from getting their freak on? Typical Ghanaian solutions - put a plaster on the wound without any antibiotic/medicine and hope it heals all by itself! Ghana, aha ye de!

  4. Apapa is in Naija, no?

    Not that this could not as easily have played out the same way in GH though.

    -Anon 2

  5. Seriously??? people have been having sex since the primitive man and before!!! Instead of making this a teaching point on safe sex, we twist this into a war on technology??? Oh my word! that's most bizarre!

  6. Kwame Mensa-Bonsu28 February, 2011

    Boy goes scot free. The teachers should be treated for idiocy...a form of brain cancer.

  7. Why 'AntiRhythm'?

  8. @ Anon #2:

    Nothing has been said about the boy except that he's in hiding and the boys in the hood are 'protecting' him from journalists and prying eyes.

  9. @ Anon #3:

    I like your plaster-on-wound imagery. It's apt. It describes too many things Ghanaian.

  10. @ Anon #4:

    Lol. Yes, Apapa is in Naija - the more popular Apapa. But there is another Apapa which as a part of Accra, Ghana.

  11. @ yeh:

    Is it not amazing how so many old people wage a "war on technology" to distinguish their 'good old days' from today?

  12. @ Kwame Mensa-Bonsu:

    Double ouch!

  13. @ Anon #5:

    Why "Anti-Rhythm"? I'm sorry I have not completed that part.

    I will rectify that before this week is out.

  14. What happened to the boy? NYA... the problem nowadays is endemic. Look, we have discarded our strict nature of bringing up children and have resorted to 'don't spank him; don't touch him; don't hold his hand'... that kind of things that is so funny. Now we have children indulging in things like these... as low as Junior High School children! Yes, but still we refuse to question the modern methods of upbringing. We still insist that 'spanking a child is a child abuse'. This is nothing! We are yet to experience the bigger things. Now the difference between right and wrong is becoming hazy and difficult to point out. I wonder if any of my classmates could have done this. Look at those who propounded this type of upbringing... what's happening to their children? No one is reporting on the high child murderers in the UK or the high rate of child shooters in the US... we are only being told: only speak to them, they would understand and if they don't, don't worry it would work out well. Children are now left to think and reason for themselves. it's so funny.

    On the other hand, I believe it is stupid to sack the girl. The harm has been committed. She needs to be counselled. Yet, could she still be in the same school without cringing and suffering abuse from peers? She must be transferred to another school.

    But to be frank I don't pity any of them. You get what you want...

  15. OMG!!! As if the mobile phones caused the sex to happen

  16. Man U should be President...wise!

  17. Sheeesh Nana Fredua, that is such a harsh stance to take. We are talking about kids still at the end of the day.

    Soceity is dynamic, we change or we die. The use of corporal punishment on kids is a dicey one because of the danger of misuse and therefore abuse. Perhaps years ago when this was still the norm, adults were more prudent in how they chose to physically disciplined kids. If you want to argue for its use, I think you should argue fairly.

    Secondly, what do we know of the effects of persistent these physical punishments have on the psyche of a child and adult.

    There are other ways to discipline besides physical; placing the result of bad behaviour of children on the growing absence of physical abuse seems the easier route to take. It's kind of a cop out.
    And I say this because how do you justify cases where kids are not constantly being hit but grow up well-adjusted? How do you justify the converse?

    It's not that straight-forward is the point I'm trying to make.

    PS. "NYA" as in "rubbish"? (about the boy)

  18. @Anonymous: you call people who have consented sex and one able to decide to record it kids? I know when I raise such issues people would start talking about abuse. I love that word abuse. After all, in some countries if you hold someone's hand and it gets reddened it is abuse. The fact is on the ground. Children are getting wayward... some are become porn actors at such an early age... some are becoming murderers... others are becoming robbers... and the first thing you need to question is why this? Then you begin to compare it to previous events and you can then draw your conclusions. By discipline I am not talking about killing and cutting your children; I am not talking about burning them; I am talking about letting them know as we were all made to know. Parents aren't mad to go about killing and slaughtering their children. This is what the world would want us to believe. Let me say this: when you are a child you do something wrong it is bad to be punished yet when you grow old you would be sent to prison. If you have not shown the child that punishments exist for bad deeds why then introduce those punishment when he is old. This is like the opposite ends of a continuum. Your are not punished at the one end and at the other you are highly punished.

    Should we change because of change? or should we change for the better? And if you are arguing that the present generation of kids are much better in morals than past generation then I get what you are saying. Which other ways of discipline has worked even in the advance countries. Look, the margin between right and wrong is gradually being lost, if it hasn't already been lost.

    I say that they deserve whatever happens to them. If they are old enough to do what they did so be the consequence.

  19. I disagree with your point of view NFA: So, I agree discipline is an essential component of bringing up a child the right way... but kids are so different, so corporal punishment works for some and not for others. Attributing all of the west's problems to the lack of corporal punishment is ridiculous and the real problem is prolly multi-factorial - violent movies, increased gun availability, video games, socioeconomic status, drugs, etc. On the other end of the spectrum are kids who can show you the belt tracks of discipline and they still turned out crackheads! Personally, I'm in favor of discipline that instills respect as opposed to fear. To each his own...

    With regards to the case scenario here, having consensual sex doesn't make them emancipated adults... they are still essentially kids. We can't blame them... it's like blaming cell phones for sex. The root of the problem is no sex education by purportedly responsible adults.

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  21. Kamasutra is all about beginning of life in India. It is not considered as porn on their time but today it is for adults and married persons. Due to vast impact of media today, porn videos are scattered which is not good for young ones.


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