Monday, January 31, 2011

V & S Blogger

Violence and Sex! Apparently that’s all I write about. Just kidding. Enyonam called me out for this 'award' – Versatile and Stylish Blogger. The crown fits with difficulty, but my thanks are sincere.

The rules say to tell 7 things about myself and to pass on the award to another 15. I can find 7 things to confess, but I don’t know if I can sincerely point to only15 bloggers – I am positive there are 200 with style in Ghana alone. I ordinarily wouldn't play this chain email/post game, but I can make an exception for the Diva.

7 Things

1 – I get angry everyday
2 – I dream everyday of flying by simply flapping my arms
3 – I eat very little and sleep even less
4 – I believe in systems and formulae for everything we do
5 – I’m afraid of standing out in excellence
6 – I’m crazy about ‘breastices’
7 – I dream of wild fame (funny considering my point # 5)

15! Hmmm!

1 – Muse
2 – Nash
4 – Kwegyirba
6 - Muze
8 – Mr Knight
11 – Esi (of course)
13 – Ato KD
14 – Kajsa
15 – Daixy


  1. great list to know about you... interesting how #g stands out. Lovely. Hmmmm! now I wonder...

  2. @ Nana Fredua:

    I think you mean #6 ;-)

  3. Nah you will work on the eating and sleeping..and I feel stupid, what is breastices?

  4. LOL...and you were calling me out? Thanks for the tag, I already did one but it's nice to be recognised. Now stop being shy OK? Master, mega fame is on the way o..

  5. So you like the boobage..

  6. @ Adaeze:

    For the meaning of 'breastices' please read Raine's comment below. ;-)

  7. @ Myne:

    Thanks. You are a real star who encourages others. That is rare. Thanks again.

  8. @ Raine:

    I'm only human, ma'am :p

  9. Hey thanks for the mention and for your encouragement. Do I really have to reveal 7 things about myself now? Will anyone ever talk to me again if I do?

    #2 is my favourite and my secret vice. You know Douglas Adams wrote, "The art of flying is to throw yourself at the ground and miss."

  10. Thanks, only saw this now! My list will be up soon :-)


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