Friday, January 7, 2011

Priests and Pastors in the City of Accra

So many clergymen are facing criminal charges these days. That is an incorrect comment. So many priests are attracting bad media. That is unfair too.


Too many pastors are allegedly committing fraud and other crimes. That is spot on. People always said there was a difference between a priest and a pastor. I think I know now.


It is easier to be a pastor than a priest (education, hierarchy, strict liturgy and all). So, maybe, more pretenders end up as pastors.

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  1. I think you got it there!
    How long do pastors actually study for and what is the content of their education? Who validates them and who checks their qualifications are real? I've seen 6 month courses in Ghana. I suspect they consist of proof texting and money raising! Compare with seminary - up to 6 years of study, studying the bible in Latin, Greek, etc, biblical criticism, current theological debates, etc.
    Listen to a pastor and a priest talk. Sorry but even I'm usually more impressed by priests!

  2. kindda off topic, but does the level of education really affect the level of crime (quick answer is yes), but truthfully it's at all levels - just a bit more sophisticated with higher education. Take lawyers, most people think they are crooks...ish:-)

    Anyway, i think you're right - pastors/priests/fathers, etc... are giving religion/spirituality a bad rap.

  3. Kwame Mensa-Bonsu08 January, 2011

    So many pastors are after money and therefore very very dodgy. Some priests too!! So i give them the two arms' length treatment.

  4. @ Graham:

    Taking particular care not to generalize, I think that SOME pastors are in it for economic gain. Many offer wealth and fame rather than offer salvation to the 'flock'. If they had to go through the seminary or an established theology college, the profession would hardly have been attractive for economic prospectors.

  5. @ Yeh:

    I do not necessarily disagree with your broadside. But I think the idea under discussion was fathers and priests have better reputations, on the whole, than pastors.

  6. @ Kwame:

    Are some priests selling holy water and other holy objects too?

  7. And there goes pastor-turned-archbishop-with-a-diplomatic-passport saying he had a vision that expresident will become a pastor too.
    Just what the world needs.
    It is sickening when people exploit the weakness of others but it's a dog-eat-dog world so these things will continue.

  8. @ Mike:

    Lol. I read that too and was wondering what the prophecy was about. But why do you think he was exploiting anybody simply because of what he said?

  9. Kwame Mensa-Bonsu13 January, 2011

    Everything NY...including their souls.

  10. Oh it's not only what archbishop-gulf-stream-in-DC recently said. It's what he's been saying & doing for 2.5 decades which I've observered, that permits me to associate him with exploitation. His message in 2007 was about the significance of the number 7. This year is special because of the significance of the number 1 & 11. Meanwhile, we are not in January 1 or January 11. It is January 2011 dammit!! I wish they would quit playing with people like that!


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