Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Bigger is Better in the City of Accra

Women and men, pumps for your boobs or burritos are on sale in the City of Accra. The wonder is they took so long to come! The no-wonder is they surfaced from China! Fix a different-size cup, and between squeeze and pleasure, boom, you are bigger there! But the FDB says no! Why am I positive the FDB will lose? Ghana is already bingeing on‘Beelzebub’ bitters, brewed for size, stamina and spice.


  1. hahahhaha... "pump, pump the jam, pump it up..."

  2. FDB - party poopers.

  3. @ Yeh:

    Lol, that old song. Seriously, the equipment had to be Chinese, no?

  4. @ Devlin:

    It is their duty to rain on the parade of sellers without scruples, no?

  5. Kwame Mensa-Bonsu13 January, 2011

    More likely to be dangerous to the health. FDB more grease...but yes they will fail as not strong enough...me thinks.

  6. @ Kwame:

    Yep. A case of the thief being one step ahead of the watchman.


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