Sunday, December 26, 2010

The Presents You Didn’t Buy at Christmas

You didn’t buy enough presents this Christmas. The shop shelves are still stacked high. The Commercial Devils will devise methods to clear – yes, that’s the word they use, as if it’s rubbish – the excess through Reduction Sales. Mind you, they are capitalists. They wouldn’t let prices plummet below the profit line. Post-reduction profit suggests they were twice ripping you off raw at Christmastime. What the Sales fail to clear would be rebranded – chocolate, flowers, wine, some soft toys, fragrances – and merchandized to you with guile on Valentine’s Day. The media will be guilty by association – their loot from the heist is advertising money. Discover the pattern for yourself. December to February is just one colossal commercial con! 


  1. :) Thinking of the massive rip-off that Christmas sales is makes me want to keep my money in the bank. Alas, we do have obligations.

  2. Kwame Mensa-Bonsu27 December, 2010

    I buy when i need and not wait for "sales"....thus i avoid anything tagged as sales. Total rip-off they are!

  3. My brother, you are in the wrong profession! Let's quit the "I-put-it-to-you" and let's go rip people off! Ha!

  4. Kissi, I think I will join you...looks like ripping people off is easier than telling them to pay legal fees.

  5. Nana, I know right? people now have christmas not with family and children or siblings but outside somewhere. Commercial is what it has become. Which is why i'd say to anyone, buy a book for whoever expects you to give them a gift. Period!

  6. @ Baafoo - Maybe we can agree to limit expenses to the minimal obligations?

    @ Kwame - I'd say the sales are worth it if you really need what they have, and not just that you want to buy stuff because their prices are reduced.

    @ Kissi - Kiz man, so we open a departmental store?

    @ Nana Yaw Sarpong - We are alike in many ways, for I also usually give presents only in books.

  7. Kwame Mensa-Bonsu31 December, 2010

    Most buy because the prices are "reduced".


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