Friday, December 10, 2010

Monkeys Dancing in T-Shirts

I rarely lose my way – or deliberately foray – into politics, but, sometimes, you cannot ignore visions of monkeys dancing on your nose.

In one of his earliest presidential speeches, the very-English-named president – John Evans Mills – tripped every step and said ecominifor “economy”. He was taunted for a while, and then it went away – or, did it?

There have always been rumours – there is an upsurge lately – that the leading opposition politician has dabbled in narcs and psychedelic substances. He ignored these for a long time until he felt compelled to deny it recently. One thought it had gone away – but had it?

What can I say? Sooooooscket!


  1. Interesting, very.

  2. Politics and Monkey Games always meant the same thing to me ;-)

  3. Kwame Mensa-Bonsu11 December, 2010

    Hope as they have fun and games they think of the poor. Wish?


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