Sunday, December 19, 2010

Diplomatic Passports

What kind of passport is diplomatic? It is issued by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to diplomats, high-ranking officials, members of the parliament and persons travelling on official state business.

Therefore, I was shocked out of my little body to discover that governments had – over the years – issued diplomatic passports to religious leaders.

As far as I am concerned – somebody please educate me if I’m wrong – there are hardly any clergymen continuously involved in central government business to warrant a diplomatic passport for them.

What, are they going to see the pope, some archbishop or patriarch to help solve Ghana’s economic problems?

Now the diplomatic passports are going to be withdrawn from 375 government ‘dysfunctionaries’. Ghana – non-diplomats travelling with diplomatic passports. Wasting money. I pay my taxes – do you hear me – I pay my taxes. So y’all don’t go acting like big men travelling on undeserved perks on my taxes and those of others!

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  1. I concur. Pastors and their wives are by no means diplomats. It's about time they withdrew the fakes from the system. Wish they didn't have to wait for wikileaks before doing this though.

  2. “Now it is been more scrutinized so you have very few recognized pastors [from] recognized churches [holding diplomatic passports],”

    This disappoints me. They should ALL be withdrawn with the exception of religious figures who are actually on diplomatic duty.

  3. NO PASTOR has the right to hold such a passport by definition. In fact they should start paying the taxes required of them. It is so wrong ... I was about saying stupid. Never mind. excuse my French. But what is this? Why should pastors be handed over this in the first place?

  4. Kwame Mensa-Bonsu20 December, 2010

    Thank God! Are they going to search and tax them for the stuff they bring back as well? I just fume when i hear about their VVIP travel and the gifts they have accumulated.

  5. My sentiments exactly; had an argument yesterday about how and why religious leaders, bankers etc. should be given diplomatic passports?
    Government/s should realise no value is given to Ghana's diplomatic passport as every dick and harry can get access to this.
    It's a big joke in Ghana- damnnnnn!


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