Monday, December 13, 2010

Accra - Stunning as the Crow Flies

Sunday evening was magical if you gazed up in the City of Accra. The golden hologram disc of sun threw no rays – just a yellow glow; wrapping up the sky in an ecru crepe. But street-level surveillance was different – dirt, wrappers, leftover food and polythene everywhere. Accra may be gorgeous as the crow flies – thanks to nature – but what about the streets?


  1. The street cleaners don't work on Sundays, but seriously, some people have mastered the act of littering; with degree and phd holders in it, literally.

    This is a link to an article I wrote on plastic waste:

  2. Yesterday someone threw banana peels onto the street and I was happy how a young boy, in his mid teens, called this person and made him pick them up. The funny thing is that the guy who threw the peels was one of those up-country hawkers, selling suitcases. It made me believe that if we work hard at it it will cease. But with no bins and all that...



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