Thursday, October 21, 2010

White Dress on Rainy Day

You chose to wear a weeny, white muslin dress out on a rainy day. The now-see-through top tells me the skies burst out on you. The muddy splash across the tail tells me you sauntered too near a puddle as a car whizzed by.


  1. Sorry to degenerate your fine blog but this post reminds me of a song a friend of mine used to sing on her stand-up comedy nights - Never Wear A White Tracksuit When You Have a Heavy Flow.
    Sometimes, white is only meant to be admired but not worn!

  2. White reveals more of what is hidden especially when it rains.
    I will remember not to wear white on a rainy day; maybe.

  3. Women and white dresses don't go together. She's lucky it's just rain and mud..

  4. Kwame Mensa-Bonsu22 October, 2010

    Wrong dress, Wrong address! lol.


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