Thursday, October 28, 2010

The Hen & the Housewife

Part 3 – No Ordinary Chicken

The chick would wander from the yard
Past the sleeping Alsatian guard
And out there on the scheming street
It learned and studied how to cheat

And when came Christmas time
The chick was in his prime
When the housewife came calling
The now-cock felt up to a brawling

She walked past many a chicken
Until she found her chosen
She brought her big knife out
But it stood up proud and stout

The cock, he pulled a gun
And held her up for fun
There was no chicken soup that year
Instead, her husband killed a deer.


  1. A way of solving the problem. You can't only complain or criticize! A nice piece

  2. Oh lol, oh dear, a deer! Wait till a one fawn also wises up!

  3. Good for the chick.
    Just goes to show you can face your adversary head-on; provide yourself with the necessary weapons.
    Great as usual. Please give me some more

  4. Kwame Mensa-Bonsu29 October, 2010

    Hilarious and disastrous! A chicken rebellion...what shall we do. Nice one, NY!


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