Monday, October 25, 2010

The Hen & the Housewife

Part 1 - The Day Mother Went

It was before first light
When the chickens awoke in fright
They saw with quivering claw
The housewife at the door

She seized the mother hen
(I think its name was Gwen)
One wife took another wife
In her other hand she held a knife

She dragged her prisoner out
Whose cries were loud and stout
Its wings and legs she bound
And laid it on the ground

It was over in a wink
Between each tear and blink
The father cock, he cried
Must she come each Yuletide?


  1. lol, could not have said it better. think i owe you a picture

  2. Like!!!!!!

  3. You make me laugh. Awww what a pity! Eating and being eaten. Lovely NYA.

  4. it's name was Gwen, huh? nice rhyme :)


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