Tuesday, October 19, 2010

1000 Reasons not to Pay in the City of Accra

It will suck your brains out of your ears to know what efforts some Accraians make to avoid paying money for services they use. It could be as comical as eating food and refusing to pay because they saw a mite on the side plate. Or it could be car replacement part used for months and rejected as fake after 6. People have devised part payment as part laxative to the payment constipation. So, there might be a wedding whose cake is half-paid-for. From the honeymoon, the bride calls the baker to declare that she did not like hue of purple used, and the newlyweds will not pay the remainder. If you investigate, they’ve also not paid the wedding planner they could ill-afford. I’ve seen pretentious parents engage children’s party services, make the half-payment and pretend to find reasons of poor delivery not to pay the rest. I’ve seen it in legal services, real estate, car hire purchase. Does anybody have any experiences?


  1. OH Ghana fuo! It is such a problem! Even without finding reasons to not pay, some people just make you suffer for services rendered. Poor you if you are wise enough to hunt them down; your actions will crown you Fool number One!

    PS. The ONE thing that makes me accept keeping away from Anti-rythm for so long despite my strong thirst, is the knowledge that when the time comes I can BINGE on the sweet depth of your soul's icing...

  2. Kwame Mensa-Bonsu20 October, 2010

    NY it happens in other places as well....though in a different form. Out here people...our people and Naija people especially....have taken advantage of cloth shops' return policies to ensure they wear new dresses for every event. So they go buy a dress and return it as unwanted after the event. Thus turning the clothes shop into a rental one.Thing is in time their faces become know and so they have to change shops! Talk about bad attitudes carried over from home! hmmmm.


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