Monday, September 27, 2010

Female ‘Bonk’ Workers

A bank is NOT a safe place to keep your valuables chaste. Maybe not in Ghana today, where there’re no jobs for fresh graduates, and those who grab a position (or is it the position which ‘grabs’ them) suffer slavish terms. We’ve always inferred that some banks shanghai their female employees to do ‘a little extra’ banging banking to suck in the moneyed clients. So, while Clients can keep on keeping their gold and diamonds in a bank, young female employees may well lose their Rubies and Pink Sapphires after working hours.


  1. I know this is a serious issue and all, but I can't stop laughing at "Bonk Workers".

    It's a real shame the way things are, but I can't think of ANY moment in history where women haven't had to sleep their way into positions. I dunno if it's worse these days (sure feels like it) but us women will always be expected to use our bodies to lure clients, entertain wealthy guests and please people in authority.

    My sis works for a savings and loan company and they keep harassing her about her targets. I love the way she back talked one branch manager, stating clearly that he had made sure she and her team were working on something and therefore unable to go scouting. Of course, I told her not to do that again (don't want her getting fired)

    My job searches for National service were fraught with people asking me to free up my friday nights for them or to meet them at this and that hotel. In the end I marched home and announced that I wasn't going to do service LOL. Some of us don't care if we have to sell tomatoes from our doorsteps.

    The banks have it good actually. They got a sweet deal going. No need to hire external sources to entertain clients. They are already on their payroll, do not charge exorbitantly, and will not ask for tips :) All they need to do is make up an unreasonable high target for them to meet, manipulate their inherent need to avoid embarrassment and failure and threaten their jobs and livelihoods. It's really disgraceful, what they put these women (and sometimes men) through :(

    No wonder my dad didn't want us to work in a bank!

  2. OH! I'm either not a good investment or I'm with the wrong bank!
    Perhaps we could make a list of the banks with extras?

  3. Kwame Mensa-Bonsu28 September, 2010

    Worker abuse...if there ever was one. But i guess it depends on the female as well. hmmmm!

  4. Kwame Mensa-Bonsu28 September, 2010

    Feel sick about the abuse of power by these banks. Where is justice?

  5. Graham it isn't funny, really. I never liked to work in a bank. they never really use your brains. It has been around for sometime and those who oblige drive in 4X4 vehicles.
    Kwame, justice is thrown to the dogs.

  6. Daixy's said it all. Its really sad. After struggling hard to get a University Degree or qualifications from other tertiary institutions what do you get to be? A high class prostitute under the guise of being on the payroll of a bank. Shwiaa....

  7. yeah its sad... pathetic and all that but hey some of the ladies enjoy the "privileges" with these kinds of positions


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