Wednesday, September 15, 2010

The Arse of the Traffic in the City of Accra

I’ve had it with bailing out of home at Bat Hour and digging in at my desk (after work) until the Witching Hour, all because of the treacherous traffic streaking from the armpits to the arse of Accra. I resent Ghanaian government – the entire gamut of gormless Ghana governments that have made nothing, nada, of tackling the commuters’ conundrum intelligently. Next time a pitiful politician (of any colour) approaches me, I’d welcome them with my middle finger and vote likewise.


  1. There really should be a like button on this blog......

  2. Nana Yaw, you need a dispatch rider, like most politicians in Ghana have, to clear the road for you.

    I do like the image of you giving them the FINGER though.

  3. Accra is the new New York. Complete with rush hour traffic lol. A friend of a friend mentioned the other day that we need to build subways. after doing some reading, I have to agree with him. You and I know however that the gubberment will F that one up too. Even the ancient train tracks from Accra to Kumasi, takoradi and beyond are not managed properlike and the idea of spurring our lazy officials on to manage a bigger project frightens me.

  4. Look at the brighter side man. It also shows that more people can afford cars nowadays. a plus for governments right?

  5. Kwame Mensa-Bonsu16 September, 2010

    Guess the fact of severe of road congestion didn't reflect in the calculation of those supposedly halved poverty rates.


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