Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Why I don’t go behind my house

Forty-something year-old mama, in the house behind, in our matchbox-size, hugging-house neighbourhood, why do you lie in wait (surely that's what you do) for my Sunday-sneak to the clothesline, and ‘ghost’ on me from your side of the three-foot wall, in your ice-blue negligee with stubborn nipples poking out and chubby side-boob folding out, to ask me questions about the law?


  1. Please tell me this is fiction and not something that really happens on the regular? lol. Good grief.

  2. oh dear. Surely, that's indecent exposure? :o

  3. lol.
    And you aren't remotely curious what the side-boobs feel like?
    Y'all should play "ring-a-ring-o'-roses" next sunday. :-))

  4. 40-something mama's Sunday thrill! Next time you should appear clad only in boxers and let the poor woman enjoy.

  5. Aren't you one lucky lawyer? Women seek your counsel in their negligees... Wow!

    Maybe you should heed Graham's advice. I would love to know what effect that has on our forty-something year old.

  6. lol. She has an enquiring mind. Im sure she does not want to seem to 'forward' by coming over to your house so she must wait until you are 'available' in other ways.

  7. Law is PRETTY interesting, I'd say, especially when you just wake up from bed. LOL

  8. and what happend.................afterward lol i live in the same neighbourhood i dont get da same treatment......or is it my profession lol

  9. Kwame Mensa-Bonsu11 August, 2010

    Tut Tut!!

  10. @ Yankee Naija: I tell you no lie about this. It is non-fiction!

    @ Daixy: Well yes, but she's technically still within her own home, no?

    @ Mike: Yes, I am remotely curious :p

    @ Graham: That's just the thing I did not say. I am wont to appearing behind house in boxers!

    @ Enyonam: Well, you know my answer to Graham's suggestion!

    @ KFC: Well, parts of her body are very 'forward' when I go back!

    @ Tetekai: What exactly are you talking about here, huh? :)

    @ He is Able: You seriously live in the same neighbourhood? Which one? Well she seems to get into loads of petty disagreements so she has much use for a personal, private backyard lawyer.

    @ Kwame MB: Who, me?

  11. beautiful imagery, but do you provide long and detailed legalese answers???

  12. @ Fiona:
    No, no long answers. As I'm putting up the laundry, she gets free advice. When the last item goes up, I say my hasty byes and scram.

  13. Kwame Mensa-Bonsu14 August, 2010

    All concerned parties! lol

  14. oldies hitting on young men is the new hit in this town. Obviously she doesn't want to be left out!.."Dem boobs" are going to pop one of these days..trust me!


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