Friday, August 13, 2010

Uncivil Servants in the City of Accra

It’s like squirting shit in your face. At the General Post Office on sunless Friday to pick up a package, the watchdog women of the Customs are all pitchfork-frowning and hell-not-helping. This is the baby truth. The men hardly help too, but they handle you politely. These people stonewall you for thirty pinball minutes; then they tell you at 4 pm that they close at 4 pm; come back on Monday. For more of the same shit, doubtless. They don’t know yet what’s wrapped up in my pack, but they loathe me already. Envy? Well, I'll return on Monday to see their cesspool faces.


  1. Get one of them disciplined or fired. That will teach the others to start earning their wages.


  2. interesting. I thought it was just the obruni's they loved tormenting.

    I had to pick up a package from Accra North PO last Friday that was addressed to my daughter (10) and niece (2). Had both children with me, copies of both passports etc etc etc and still they gave me long baleful looks.

  3. In Tema's Community 1 Post Office, the main worker is always, ALWAYS asleep. You have to tap his window till he wakes up, kisses his teeth and I'm sure you can imagine the kind of service you get after that.

  4. Once a friend had sent about 4 packages over a series of months and messed up the PO box number. When we eventually realised I went to Achimota Market post office to tell them. They had saved all my packages and were very helpful.
    But is it true that female admin in Ghana are more sour than male admin? Sorry to say but in my experience yes. Why is that?

  5. @ Mike:
    Trust me, firing one of them would straighten up the others for only 1 week, then it would be 'as you were'.

    @ Fiona:
    Imagine that. They'd rather the package was theirs. The envy of people who hold the property of others for them. I reckon bank workers must fall under the same feeling. But the bank workers are generally nice and polite.

    @ Maya:
    One day, he'd wake up with his eyes glued together by school kids.

    @ Graham:
    In my honest experience and recollection, female admin in government tends to behave more horridly to clients than male admin. And if the client is female, then it's the pits.

  6. Kwame Mensa-Bonsu14 August, 2010

    Customer Service obviously not a concept they are aware of. Hope that is sold off too...then they'll know!

  7. Not sure that Accra North PO is any better, and then of course there are KIA and Tema. Try clearing stuff from either - even books that have supposedly been dispatched by courier - ostensibly to one's door!

  8. looks like they got a split-spine instead of a single spine!


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