Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Fighting Crime by Sacking the Police

Mexico’s police are in a wanton war against thugs, drug traffickers, kidnappers, escaped prisoners, robbers, criminals. It’s ‘the trenches’ – nobody’s winning. The Mexican police are corrupt; they play both felon and catcher (but I wonder if this isn’t true in most countries). The government has sacked 3,200 of them (that’s 10 percent); another 1,000 may follow soon. That country must feel on sure ground, unthreatened and unmolested. Ghana probably needs to axe more than 50 percent of her own force, no? But, in the time it took to train replacements, the recidivist ruthless robbers would wipe us all out.


  1. *applause* I concur :)

  2. Funny enough, I thought about the Mexican police soon as I read this the blog title! Did you know I live like 20 minutes to the US/Mexican border? Yep! It is unbelievable what is going on. I have had pt's who have been dehydrated and gone into acute renal failure, some shot in the head but just enough to ruin an organ etc...It's pretty much a sect of policemen who have gone rogue and they kidnap and hold people for ransom. It is scary!
    Power in the government corrupts!

  3. Kwame Mensa-Bonsu01 September, 2010

    The country is under serious threat, NY...no joke. Those druggies are almost as well armed as the Mexican and could take over the whole country if the so wished. Basically they have 1/3 of it! Thing they are fighting the US's war for it, because they don't produce for the Mexican market but for the Americans! All the US has to do is try shutting down the market and there will be peace and harmony in Mexico. But.....hmmmmm.

  4. Mexican stand-off in Mexico!


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