Thursday, July 29, 2010

New Rule: One-Month Seizure

A driver sees the red lights come up. He’d rather not stop because (unlike the other people in the gridlock) he has somewhere to go...urgently.

Another driver swerves out of the traffic line and cuts a through-course across the hard shoulder. Street vendors just manage to sprint out of harm’s way.

A traffic cop halts both cars. He takes down the particulars of the cars and of the drivers. He calmly motions the passengers to come down. He takes the keys away from the drivers. The cop has no choice but to be firm. A camera blinks at him from a nearby pole or fence.

In 20 minutes, tow trucks arrive. The now-repentant cars are ‘craned’ up and whisked off to the government ‘Hold’ an hour’s drive outside Accra. They will hibernate there for 1 month.

1 month cannot run quickly enough. If the driver wants his car back, he must visit the ‘Hold’ outside Accra, and fork out the ‘fine’. The fine has a built-in rental for the space and care of the car.

A document is signed. It shows the fine has been paid. It is also a bond that on the third seizure, your licence will go, and on the fifth seizure, your car would go.

If I had the power to make a rule about life in Accra, this is what I think I’d do. Reader, what would you do with that power? What would you change?


  1. You got me excited for a minute, thinking "Finally! it is happening in Gh".
    We will get there though.

    I'd setup a quota system for the Ghana Police Services. The more citations/ arrests that lead to convictions, per officer, will reflect positively in the annual performance review.

  2. I also thought that was already effective, lol.

    I would make school and basic health care free.

  3. Brilliant and feasible idea, NY.
    Have I not been saying forever that you need to pick your seat at parliament and help enact laws that will make Ghanaians do what is right?


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