Tuesday, June 29, 2010

MTN’s Insufficient Credit

Lately, when you try to send a text message on MTN’s service, a stupid text message comes up to tell you that you have “insufficient credit” to send the text. Then, you check your credit balance and find out that you have more than GHC11.00 of credit. But when you try to resend your text, the offensive MTN text just keeps popping up.

Those idiots at MTN should know that they do not have SUFFICIENT CREDIT IN THE ESTIMATION OF CUSTOMERS IN GHANA to play around with people like that. If they read this and get angry, they can sue me. I will teach them that "TRUTH" IS THE ULTIMATE DEFENCE in defamation. Incompetent people! They have not even apologised for it.


  1. Anonymous29 June, 2010

    I have got that message too several times when I had credit. Are there any communications regulators in Ghana? What have they done about this and other types of MTN injustice in Ghana?

  2. Add to that calling phones you know are on, but MTN tells you are switched off.

  3. Anonymous29 June, 2010

    I feel the same way, Nana, but I guess you articulated it better.

  4. The customer you are calling is out of service area or the phone is switched off-- or some other nonsense message like that. I just wanna cry when I hear that recording.

  5. Anonymous29 June, 2010

    and what's worse is that these 'no credit' messages come every few seconds! I can barely delete one and the next one is already there.

    (a proud participator during Ghana Phone Off Day!)

  6. give it to them!
    they'd rather invite you to a concert to jump to the beats of all manner of musical renditions than ensure that your network 'works'.

  7. @NY, you are not alone my brother.

  8. Tell me about it NY! I think its a computer glitch they have not ironed out yet. Also, when you don't have credit they will remind you every 5 seconds how grateful you should be that you are using their negative balance service. Mind you, negative balance is only up to -2.00GHC and as soon as you reload they will swipe away what they are owed super-quick. BTW; am I the only person who was automatically enrolled for the negative balance promotion?

  9. Add fraudulent to their rap sheet. I have sued them before. I would not hesitate to be your defence counsel if they sue. They do not stand a dog's chance in Beelzebub's hell.

  10. Nelson Akondo30 June, 2010

    obviously this only adds to the long list of mediocre services MTN provides to its subscribers, service providers in Ghana will continue to take consumers for granted unless a strong stance is taken against such incompetence. Some of as should sue. BTW has anyone's credit mysteriously been used up?

  11. Funny thing is I have tried to call my sister several times from the States and MTN told me I had insufficiant credit! Seriously! lol

  12. I wonder why they can't send all of us text messages APOLOGISING for the messups [I was going to use another word, but felt it would not be acceptable, though it is probably the best description of MTN's absolutely wretched services.

  13. Anon @18.30:
    We have a National Communications (No) Authority!

    Welcome back! Yes, those irritating messages too. Me switched off? MTN mentally and functionally switched off when it was Spacefon and Areeba and never recovered. Now they wrongly label us 'switched off'.

    Anon @ 19.51:
    Thank you. It is amazing how many people can be affected without redress on this matter!


    You said it!

    Somebody told me this, and I tried. Whenever the moronic, no-credit messages come and you check your credit immediately, the messages just disappear. Some unspeakable disgrace of a technician is just playing games with us!

    Talk about advertising a bad product before spending money on R&D!

    Thanks for the support, brother, but MTN did not show up when I called it out!

    Abena Serwaa:
    Something tells me that we should reject the Negative Balance. We do not really know how (fairly) the deductions are made once they fall to negative!

    They know we will annihilate them! I will give them 1 month and call them out again. Somebody please remind me!

    Nelson Akondo:
    YES! My credit has been mysteriously used up a few times.

    MTN's crimes are international? Wow!

    MTN, being a monopoly of sorts with the industry regulator's connivance, just does not care enough!


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