Monday, June 21, 2010


Two boys in overalls scooter-cruise in broad daylight in ‘uncrowded’ streets of Accra. They turn a nook and creep upon an isolated walker. The bike halts; one comes down; he’s brandishing a machete pulled out from under his over-sized clothes; the bag is snatched, the laptop, the watch, the phone and the wallet. They’re gone in ten seconds, leaving only a foul wisp of fuel-adulterate behind. They will hack you down if you resist or delay. Kwashay – riding robbery (or motorbike mugging) in the City of Accra.


  1. aww...where from the word kwashay?

  2. Anonymous22 June, 2010

    They attacked my mom in her shop. Only they brandished a gun stead of a machete. Something has to be done about these people cuz they're getting more and more brave. I am so tempted to purchase a firearm of my own. Gun vrs machete.....let's see who'll win lol

  3. this is more like a horror ride!!! it's sad.

  4. This is really scary, had it happen to someone I knew once. Better to keep one's life o.

  5. Kwame Mensa-Bonsu22 June, 2010

    Do the people in charge have any plan to combat this? Or are they more concerned with chaotically transporting people to South Africa and forgetting to tell them to prepare for the wintry conditions, provide accommodation and find them match tickets?

  6. Anonymous22 June, 2010

    Well most areas have police patrols from 8pm to about 5am. Unfortunately the menaces are getting even more bold, targeting places and people who happen to be alone around 7pm and 7am. So best thing (imho) will be for there to be increased patrols and education of more citizen watch guards.

    I really think the police should allow the importation of pepper spray for citizens to protect themselves with. Sadly though, it's no doubt the criminals who'll grab hold of those items

  7. Mine was an armed robbery at my hostel. The guy broke down our door and had a locally manufactured pistol. I have a scar from that pistol cause i had to act the heroine.

  8. i think that beyond the expected responsibilities of authorities to provide safety in the society, security really (in relation to such physical attacks on life and property) is just one of those mirages that would continue to swing between thee attackers and the targeted.

    on a serious but funny note, i don't see why i should protect myself from 'attackers'. i'm just compelled to do it and i do but really, why should I???????

    it does not make sense to me that i should protect myself from someone who thinks he should rather 'own' what i have and hence would point a knife at me saying 'bring it or else...' or someone who would just run on my blindside and snatch my wallet. it just doesn't make sense.

  9. @ Esi: I was told that name by college students.

    @ Daixy (09:45): That's the way they do it now. They attacked people at Melting Moments in broad daylight. I'm glad your mother survived unscathed(?)

    @ Novisi (10:07): Yes, a 'horror ride".

    @ Myne: I will never understand the people who fight back and end up getting injured. On the other hand, some of these assailants do not even give you the chance to comply with their orders. They simply 'hack' you first to overcome any potential resistance on your part!

    @ Kwame: I'm sure the police is doing its best under its peculiar circumstances. But I do not see many daytime police patrols, I admit.

    @ Daixy (15:01): Yes to education and diligence on the part of citizens; yes to pepper spray in the bags of citizens.

    @ Lyrix: Do not, I repeat, do not ever try to be the hero again! :-)

    @ Novisi (19:42): So, are you saying what will happen will happen so you will just continue living your life and and looking out for the Kwashay people?

  10. Anonymous23 June, 2010

    I want to propose that the increased crime is a sign of Ghana's success. It seems that as economic development advances so does crime. Did this kind of incident ever occur in Ghana's 'backward' days where the watchful eye of the village ensured compliance with the rules? Now we are all developed, individuals, and anonymous, no one cares anymore and crime increases as consumer nonsense becomes desirable as the road to happiness.

  11. @Nana,
    somehow i think what will happen will happen but i'm actually not able to understand why whoever created this world makes us easy targets for such Kwashay people.
    'God' must be having a lot of fun playing games with us i guess.

  12. Anonymous23 June, 2010

    @ Nana, she survived without a scratch, thank God. Her blood pressure wasn't too happy though. The fact that they attacked someone in the store before turning on her was good, cuz she had time to register the presence of the gun.

    I'm trying to get her better security. I need my mama alive :)

  13. @ grahamghana: Now, there's a thought!

    @ Novisi: I am not competent to answer that question for God, as you know, but I am positive he NEVER plays games with us, unlike Zeus and his crew up on Olympus!

    @ Daixy: Yes, Daixy, you get her better security. And I'm happy she was all right. May it never happen again to us and those we love!


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