Thursday, June 17, 2010

Funeral Party in Accra

Twenty cars whizzed through the court-road traffic at high noon towards the Korle quarter of Accra ferrying feisty, frolicking funeral-goers (not mourners) in white Adinkra fabric. They sped on-the-verge-of, and ignored the static cars in the lunch-hour queue, looking to ram through anybody who dared to enter from a side route. Some were beating deafening drums and playing loud-park music, while a camera van 'panoramaed' it on tape. Happy people decked in white (a 40-something-year-old woman winked at me). The deceased must have been very old.


  1. Anonymous18 June, 2010

    Oh, I thought you were referring to the other kind of funeral party that is creeping into Ghanaian culture, starting from Ashanti!

  2. Kwame Mensa-Bonsu18 June, 2010

    Fun and games, Ghanaian-style. Believe it'll go out of fashion in time. People will become too busy....among other things! @Anonymous... what other kind? is it much more fun? lol!

  3. it sure is a party!!! and all guards are let loose to the risk of even the innocent ones minding their own stuff.
    hmmmmmmmmmm... now i wonder when this party would come to an end.

  4. @ Anon: I think I know what you mean. It be the trend in Kumasi where, in addition to the traditional funeral events, there is now a formal party/dinner. Yes, I meant to play on that too. It disgusts me.

    @ Kwame: Sadly if it goes out of fashion, another craze will emerge.

    @ Novisi: It is the risk to the "innocent ones minding their own stuff" which mostly bothers me.

  5. Kwame Mensa-Bonsu21 June, 2010

    The formal party thing was learnt from our Fanti cousins, please.lolz! Of course now Kumasi people, as we are wont to do, most probably overdo it! Another craze? Please no!

  6. NY= Cougar trap. :-) Yes, that is the detail I choose to zoom in on.


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