Thursday, June 24, 2010

Elias and the (Spelling) Bee

As seen among a friend's Face Book pictures.

On another note, this marks my 600th blog post, and I am celebrating it with a mention as has become a custom. I'm so glad I have not let go of it. You, readers, are the reason why I love this so much. Thank you for coming for the ride.


  1. Anonymous24 June, 2010

    Congratulations !! but this picture alone oh God LMAO. this is spelling according to pronunciation. the writer wrote down the words the way he could pronounce them .What else do you expect,this is indeed Ghanaian english. hahahaahaa

  2. Anonymous24 June, 2010

    spelling bee indeed, LMAO

  3. LOL! I really hope Elias never dared to compete in any Spelling Bee. Congrats on your 600th blog post! Love your blog, and the new look too.

  4. Congrats Nana! Thanks for blessing us with your concise, yet witty, words.

    This spelling is amazing! I love taking random pics of billboards too. I wonder who poor Elias got to do this atrocity for him?

  5. Ebei! Brofo paaaaaaaaaaaa! Congrats on the 600th post. Love this blog!

  6. Congratulations NY!!!!

    No Elias, NO! I won't call you to spry my kiching or walldrups or chires or any ferniture for that matter, because your sprying skills won't make it nice, it will make it ugly. So no, I won't call you.

    Ok you can spry my doors.

  7. Congratulations...(balloons, whistles, cat calls etc, all around)

  8. Because i'm obsessed with understanding "why things work the way they do", i think i've figured out why i didn't like your blog. And this is advise for you and everyone. I remember criticising your blog for being difficult to read and understand. I was operating from the point of view that communication does not work if you write something and it takes effort on my part to "get it". On my own blog for example, I simplify. The ideas are strong, but the language is simple. I did not like your blog because your language was complicated.I think i even critiqued something you wrote and you misunderstood by genuine comment to be one coming from a place of malice and competition. It wasn't.

    I was just one of those people who didn't like it and actually, that is a good thing. If you're doing something and everyone is okay with it, it is probably not quite right. The ideal place to be is to have a few ardent lovers and some haters. You don't want to have something that people are indifferent to. I was one of the initial haters, and that is a good thing.

    Over time though, even I have grown to appreciate what it is that you do. That it takes the reader a few more seconds to grasp what you write, is exactly your blog's beauty. That involvement with the reader is what keeps people coming back. Perhaps, like wine, and kenkey and coffee and many other fine things in life, your blog is an acquired taste:)

    The truth is that when you talk to too many people no one listens. If you try to do something that everyone likes, eventually no one likes it. So here's to congratulate you for sticking to what you do. Here's to congratulate you for being different. Here's to congratulate you for writing posts that take a minute to understand:) haha. Here's to congratulate you for speaking to that small group of people who got it, even if I wasn't among them, initially. Congratulations!

    Let's hang out again soon.

  9. Congrats NY for keeping us engaged.
    600 has surely been worth the while.
    As for the spelling 'thing' above, I am speechless!
    Keep it coming.
    You are cherished by many of us!

  10. Roflmao... i won't be calling Elias anytime soon

    Congrats NY, some of us have to take a note from your commitment :-)

    We want more.

  11. Congrats to you for sticking with this. I hope I get to the 600th post too.

    Congrats to Elias too, he is a courageous man, lol..

  12. Anonymous25 June, 2010

    Adding one more voice to the toast. Nice work.

  13. @ Anon #1: You're right. It's spelling by ear. Maybe life would be easier if we all went that way. The spelling would be fluid, but we'd all probably know what the next person meant to write. Thanks.

    @ Anon #2: It is really funny, no?

    @ Nana Yaa: You are very kind. Thank you.

    @ Sankofa: Thank you for your kind words. I suspect that Elias committed this 'crime' by himself.

    @ Nsoromma: Thank you for your kindness. You know I love your blog too!

    @ Raine: Awww thank you. Elias to spry just your doors? Surely you can let him do the ferniturs too. Come on.

    @ Lyrix: Thank you very much. And also thank you for the PDF document you did for me. Did you read it again? You were missing online yesterday.

    @ Posekyere: You will never know what you words have done for me. But thank you very much, Dear Friend. And keep supporting Ghana in the RSA for us all!

    @ Lucci: I feel the warmth in your words as if you were speaking them. Thanks. Commitment is a daily thing, and I hope I can keep it up.

    @ Myne: Thank you for your words. And you've put Elias's spelling in perspective for me. I'd not have thought him courageous, but, now, I see he is!

    @ inmyownwordss: Toasts received and responded to. Thanks. I've already been to see your blog.

    Ms. Cleland: Wow, long comment. Don't know where to start.

    First, I have never anywhere accused you of malice. And it was not a comment you put on my blog. It was a post you put up on your former blog. I TEXTED TO SAY THANK YOU TO YOU!

    I accept all criticism, so I was thankful for yours!

    If you like my blog now, I am ecstatic. But it would really have been all right if you 'did not like it'. It is true that it would be strange and even scary if all people liked the same things.

    Above all, I think comment above is very genuine, brave and kind. Thank you for congratulating me. You already know I loved your old blog and I love the new one too.

  14. Kwame Mensa-Bonsu25 June, 2010

    Congrats NY! I suggest you start a campaign for better English. To think others campaign for plain English, as people speak it too well....with too much technicality. The contrast! hm!

  15. A man after my own heart, my best man, congrats! And to think I've read every single one of 'em posts, now I'm wondering who's gwine pay for all that time.
    In order not to be left out of Eliasism, I say, let's do pic fit and beer after our match against Amrika.

  16. @Nana Yaw: You are welcome and i am waiting for the next lesson. Yes, i read it again and emailed it to some friends. I was online briefly in the afternoon.

  17. Congrats! Here's to many more to come!

  18. Congratulations on the 600th post Nana Yaw! Erm, by now you are at 600++ but I'm only getting 'round to catch up on happenings in the blogosphere!!


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