Sunday, May 16, 2010

Remembering Names

To all the people who always remember names and put them to the right faces, I wonder how you do it. Surely it is not subconscious. And if you make a conscious effort, do you use association (and shocking mental images) or is it just relentless repetition?


  1. Anonymous16 May, 2010

    don't look at me. I suck at putting names to faces. Most times I don't even recall ever meeting someone :( Every once in a while, repetition works, but usually only after I've made some wacky association. It's either I do both or settle back in the comfort of senility

  2. Kwame Mensa-Bonsu17 May, 2010

    We are all either affected by the neurological disorders: "prosopagnosia" where we forget faces...and therefore names or "super-recognition" where we never forget a face, however fleeting. Obviously there are various stages of both...there are people who have to be introduced to their WIVES everyday. Basically just some of the burden we have to carry as humans.

  3. Circa July 1990: My big brother and I met a girl down a street - she was grinning widely at us, big bro. was reciprocating. "Do you know her?", I asked. "Are you serious, that's Agnes, your classmate for five years." "Well, I don't remember her." And I had only ceased to be her classmate for a few months!!!

  4. Or the opposite, remember faces but no names. I just shrug it off. If we meet again, i will ask, better than pretending to remember.

  5. I try to do that whole thing of repeating the person's name before the conversation ends.
    So for ex don't just say 'nice to meet you', say 'nice to meet you sososo'
    It kinda works

  6. What works for me is associating the name with something I could easily recall. I also try to store in memory the occasion or event where I met the person. It has worked well for me so far.

  7. @ Daixy: The wacky association thing works for me. You should know what I'm presently using to remind me to call a friend as well as to buy a square plug for home. He's sitting ding-dong naked on the square plug. That's radical, but I remember!

    @ Kwame: Lol at people who have to be re-introduced to their wives every now and then!

    @ Kissi: If it'd been 2001 and she'd 'carried' the goods, you'd have remembered her...or the goods!

    @ Lyrix: You are very bold (and something else) to ask.

    @ MsAfropolitan: That I will try. Thanks.

    @ Samson: That's association, right. but to store the occasion might short circuit my overactive brain!


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