Wednesday, April 14, 2010

The Final Piece

we have spent time,
enjoyed each other
and not died from idle boredom.

we had a false start,
raised it new from the ground,
and found mutual addiction.

we’ve even come to trust
that, in any trying moment,
we'll have each other's back.

now we feel each absence;
we scheme and devise ways
to touch and care all day.

the mind is never bare,
the dream, always sweet,
the smile, as ever, warm.

i’ve found the fulfilling piece,
you hold it all together,
with you, life's now complete.


  1. lost for words.

  2. What can i say? It's a love thing

  3. Loved it. You must be in love lol.

  4. @ Anon: You found 3 words. Lol.

    @ Lyrix: Yes, a love thing...

    @ Lady Jaye: Lol. Yes.

    @ Lucci: Yes!!! 3 winks

  5. It certainly sounds like love! Who is she? Share!

  6. Haha I knew it! lalalaaa I was right.Congrats NYA on finding love :)

  7. Very touching! Keep writing these and I'm sure you'll stay happily in love :)


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