Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Ghana’s Lifeless Premier League

... but they have Chelsea and Arsenal!

It is sooo tiring and tired; dull, drab! Artless players, soulless tv coverage, cheating, beating, whatever. And why are there sixteen, sickly, struggling, saturnine clubs? There should be only eight at that level, for starters.


  1. Plus a sad looking field too. I thought the league would get better after CAN 08..alas! Ghana futball is full of thiefs who dont like the sport.

  2. Its so pathetic. Indeed, referee bribing appears to have been made openly "official".

  3. Empty stadia, don't forget that.

  4. Did you know that Berekum Arsenal was originally called "Arsenals"? The semi-literate need to add a 's' to so many names. I hear many Ghanaians say Tottenham Hotspurs!

  5. Kwame Mensa-Bonsu21 April, 2010

    Small pool of over-aged, ill-fed, unfit players, corrupt Refs n officials. So what do you expect, NY? Talented players would rather clean and guard things on the streets of New York and London rather than stick around!

  6. @ Anon: Lol. As the CAN came and went, so did football life, no?

    @ Kissi: I agree. And it is very pervasive elsewhere (think Serie A). But at least the matches and stadia are good to look at.

    @ Anon #2: Yes, empty stadia too. And withering grass.

    @ Anon #3: Oh yes, I remember Arsenals. And journalists were helping with the trend. I think it is Kojo Frimpong who insisted on saying "Arsenal" every time.

    @ Kwame M-B: And there went Ghana's World Cup chances down the drain of a Manhattan restaurant kitchen. Hmm.

  7. Kwame Mensa-Bonsu23 April, 2010

    Yes, NY. Especially when the corrupt at the FA prefer a "dead" Stephen Appiah to other very fit and alive young men!!


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