Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Provocation – One Minute to Murder

Silently suffering the only one United bite two H2 bullets from the band of badass Bavarians, a hoggish, hirsute hobgoblin hobbles between my main man and I, provoking me with his puerile revelry because he’s figured with his kernel brain that I’m a United fan. I eye the coke bottle on the table, imagine his blood on the shiny Equator-Bar floor, but elect to bark at him instead. He scampers off with his tail between his hinds.


  1. Kwame Mensa-Bonsu31 March, 2010

    Revenge..4 1999. Basically it's a pity this isn't as pivotal as 1999. Endure NY.lolz!

  2. All in the name of football.

  3. Fingers crossed for we might come through in the second leg..

  4. @ Kwame M-B: I have endured!

    @ Lyrix: Yes, football, which is much more than just a game!

    @ Juanita: Alas, we won the battle, but lost the war!

    @ Myne: You betcha!


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