Monday, February 1, 2010

Where Do You People-Watch?

I do my people-watching at Zenith Bank. It’s where the career women ‘strobe’ in, in their clean-line, sexy-swaying corporate skirt suits and lovely black shoes.

I do my people watching at Frankies at Osu. From the unbridled upstairs window, I survey-sweep the street below for colours of clothes, samples of couples, slices of cleavage, and cold cuts of derrieres. Or I can browse my google gaze indoors if I chose my seating right, to face and surf the incoming swing doors.

I do my people-watching at Erata Hotel’s cool pool at East Legon. Here, minimal clothes do not bring the colour rising to the flirty face. The water lies naked in ripples, reflecting one hundred exciting excuses.


  1. I people watch in my dreams- Where everything is perfect ..oh and on the bus as well but I call that people-eyeing. :-)

  2. Frankies is perfect for people watching! The airport makes people-watching a necessary evil when you're bored waiting for someone to arrive, but it's one of the funniest places too: the emotions, the joy, the clothes, the attitude (read bushness, lol!).

  3. I do that in class, wen i'm suppose to be listening to the lecturer. But it's gets kinda of boring, same old people.

  4. I do my people-watching at lunch; it amazing how much you can tell from how a person eats, and its quite entertaining too. The best people-watching-places, however, are funerals (I know, pretty morbid); but nothing beats, the hired mourners, the patiently waiting family members with greed at the corners of their eyes, and the random people who only arrive when the drinks come out, all in one place...seriously, nothing beats it. "slices of cleavage, and cold cuts of derrieres"; that's so funny! LMAO!

  5. Kwame Mensa-Bonsu02 February, 2010

    After work or when? Interesting life you've got, NY. Moi? When at the shopping centre.

  6. @ JuaNita: In your dreams right? How convenient!

    @ Maya Mame: Yes, Frankies and at the Airport. I've also found the church a good candidate, especially when I'm people-watching for ardour or duplicity alike.

    @ lucci: Yes, I also used to people-watch in class. It got me cozy, once, with the irresistible Nana Ama.

    @ Tye: Lunch is a good place too. Typically, that kind of watching becomes a turn-off, no?

    @ Kwame Mensa-Bonsu: I don't work at Frankies, the pool or Zenith Bank. Lol. Seriously, every time I'm dealing with people is a time to people-watch.

  7. My plce for people-watching is Accra Mall as I'm so boring I pass through there more often than anywhere else. Occasionally at A@C Shopping Mall, East Legon as well...Oh and the tro-tro and mass metro-buses. The taxis don't offer that much...walking my dog also presents perfect time to observe funny neighbours;-)

    But I like this:"slices of cleavage"--I look at that a lot!!:-))


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