Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Pray Your Own Way Home

I thought I would be too afraid to say this outside my mind, but whenever I drive past the “Action Chapel” on the Spintex Road, whether at 10 a.m. or 10 p.m., I suffer those women who spend endless time praying there like they have no jobs or families to look after. I roundly resolve NEVER to stop and give the free ride they’re always asking for.

P.S. My 500th blog post. Just thought you may be happy to share this with me. Thank you, dear reader.


  1. Nice blog.

    500? Wow, that's amazing.

    First time here.

  2. Congrats on your 500th blog post

  3. Thank YOU NY, and congrats on the 500th! Here's to another 500 and more! ON the women, hmmm...SOME people do overdo the practicing of their faith till its just irritating to everyone in any kind of contact with them.

  4. Nana Y--one good turn deserves another, so thank you for passing by my blog and congratulating me on my 5th year of that blog. CONGRATS your way too on ur 500th! Keep the fire burning! I'm rather green of ur followers--94!; I have a modest 21;-) And that's after 5 years!!:-))

    On the Action Chapel women, it's ur business not to encourage them to supplicate further--they would be doing enough of that once they get into the church!! Action Chapel provides free buses anyway--why beg for a ride there??

    As for the number of women who pray, I'm so in support: it's hard for there to be women outnumbering men, and NOT every woman getting a really is hard. But overdo-ing it is not the answer either...

  5. Congrats,Nana on ur 500th blog,I pray there will better blogs to come.

    Omg,it is sometimes pathetic to see these women leaving their various jobs just in the name of seeking God,eeeei,Nana 3y3 as3m.

  6. Congratulations NY!


  7. Kwame Mensa-Bonsu03 February, 2010

    Maybe you should have a sign on your car thus: "Pray yes; But work as well!" People spend more time praying than working at/on their trades...sure recipe for poverty. Congrats NY! More grease! Me proud of you!

  8. Congratulations Nana for a job well done. looking forward to more of your witty posts;-)

    Its good to pray but like you said, some people go overboard with the Pharises who have already received their reward and want everyone to see them praying.

  9. Congrats NY u should be proud of yourself. I know i am.

  10. Congrats Nana! Looking towards the next 500 - and more. As for the Action Chapel ladies, are the begging for a ride? or a ride? Bad joke but couldn't resist since everyone is always telling me how the best place to find a man in in the church

  11. Congrats Nana! You can't blame them oh! Church is the legal way supposedlyto grab a "God fearing" man. lol

  12. Happy 500th!!
    Keep doing what you do..

  13. Happy 500th! cheers to the next 500.

  14. Congrats, NY.
    Keep the spirit up.
    As to the ladies. Jeez. You nebver know, they may wave more blessings over your already blessed head.

  15. @ Aloofar: Thanks for coming here. I will check out yours.

    @ Harry-Rami Itie: Thank you, Sir.

    @ Tye: Thanks too. About "over-practising" of faith, I believe somebody's comment I read called it the Pharisee Complex or something like that.

    @ Emmanuel K. Bensah: Thanks man. And to your many views, it is really all right for anybody to pray their whole life in church. But I find something wrong with the thought that all you have to do is pray,and God will drop a husband, a great job,, healthy lovely children and a lot of money in your lap.

    @ Anon: Yes, it is pathetic. I just drove past the church. There are hordes flocking to it right now.

    @ Raine: Awww thank you for your loyalty.

    @ Kwame Mensa-Bonsu: Thank you, Sir. I'm not sure there are too many pastors who would like to fess up and tell the flock that prayer is complementary or supplementary but not the main meal. In other words, you have to cook and eat your food; prayer is the vitamins.

    @ Anon #2: Thank you. Hopefully, I will not run out of posts you find witty.

    @ lucci: Thank you sooo much. It means a lot to me.

    @ Denise: Thank you. You are missed. And I think the ladies are sincerely asking for Ride #1. Lol (yours was not a bad joke).

    @ JuaNita: So, you reckon they do it more for a man than a job or kids or money?

    @ blogoratti: Thank you, Sir.

    @ Eyram: Thanks, ma'am.

  16. Kwame Mensa-Bonsu04 February, 2010

    No,mostly an unimaginative lot, the pastors fear they will be cutting their noses to spite their own faces. But a hardworking congregation, who pray in their bedrooms, instead of all times @ the chapel and about the same things everyday, will result in a happier, richer church. They should try it!

  17. Nana, good call. You have my blessings in avoiding them women, lest the one you "lift" might consider you the answer to their prayer. I "lifted" one the other day and she screamed "favour" (whatever it meant) b4 climbing in. I resolved not to let out my name or contacts.

  18. 500th? Wow, when are we popping the champagne?


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