Thursday, February 18, 2010

The Merchant and the Leper 4

Part 4: The Bull and the Snake

A stranger plot is then hatched
Its evil intent most unmatched
“See the fiery bull in the fields
“Go yell till its life it yields”

Sitting on the wooden fence
The Merchant has lost hope and sense
His friend, the serpent, crawls to him
And offers to save his wealth and limb

“I will sneak upon the bull
“When you’re screaming loud and full
“Unseen by your foes and their gangs
“I will kill it with a stab of my fangs”

So, the bull was “screamed” to death
Seemed just give up on breath
(There were more tasks planned from hell
Until calamity befell)


  1. Best one yet. I think this style is brilliant and a story well sung and told. Can't hardly wait...

  2. Me three, lol. Excellent rhyme scheme.

  3. @ Anon: Thanks, Anon.

    @ Myne: Lol.

    @ Lucci: Thanks. Surprisingly most people recognise aabb but not abab.

    @ Lady Jaye: Lol, again.

    @ NKA: Wow!


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