Tuesday, February 16, 2010

The Merchant and the Leper 1

Part 1: Kindness Repaid

A kind, old Merchant rides homeward
With his caravan from abroad
He sees a Leper at the roadside
And brings him home to reside

Rather than give great gratitude
The Leper picks an attitude
He’s torn, by green envy, apart
At the Merchant’s golden heart

The Leper goes to see the King
And taunts his blue blood to pink
“Why do you sit idle and weak,
“While the Merchant’s riches peak?”

“What shall I do”, the King enquires
“Whatever your sovereign will requires!”
“Set tasks he cannot do,
“Then seize his wealth and due!”


  1. Typical black man behaviour.

  2. I like this idea. Great writing BTW and look forward to the lesson.

  3. Kwame Mensa-Bonsu17 February, 2010

    Looks like a good story already...waiting for the lesson with bated breath.

  4. Eh? Ungrateful leper...he's got issues.

  5. Say hello to the PhD :)

  6. Well that Leper is not the most grateful of persons is SHE?

  7. @ lucci: Lol! Does character have colour?

    @ Myne: Thank you very much.

    @ Kwame Mensa-Bonsu: Awww, you're very kind. I hope the end is climactic enough for you.

    @ Omotade: Loads of issues he's got. Yes. Ha ha.

    @ Daixy: Would that be "Pull him down"? Lol.

    @ KFC: No, SHE's not! Gosh, that was so cool, no kewl!

  8. This merchant paaaa. How can you just take a stranger to your house?

  9. @ NKA: I know, that was a mistake. Generosity must be done with the head and heart, and not just the heart.


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