Tuesday, January 26, 2010


Why doesn’t “Adultery” mean doing the things that adults do, like lying habitually, or having sex, or having sex with other people’s people, or treating children like they’re small? Anything that adults typically do...


  1. Interesting NY. My take adult : fully developed and mature; er(r): to make mistakes; y: slang used in text messages as a shortened form of the words 'why' or 'what'. In summary : fully developed and mature persons making mistakes for what reasons we don't know. lol.

  2. LOL. Truuue... Posting a link on my blog. :) And Denise's take s'like actual proof. Ha ha.

  3. hehehehehehehehe................................................................. i love your post, indeed it's so true.

  4. looool spot on there.. I wonder why?

  5. Ok - so I checked out the etymology of the word adultery - since etymology is totally awesome...and it turns out that adult and adultery have nothing to do with each other - they are taken from two different latin words.

    Adultery comes from the word 'adulterare' - to corrupt, or to mix with another - and it came to refer to infidelity because if a woman cheated on a man, and the man didn't know and the woman got pregnant, he raised the bastard with his own children. Thus - adultery - infidelity corrupted the purity of a man's bloodline.

    Can u imagine! And who are more often the adulterers - men or women! Mtchew.

    But yeah.

  6. @ Harry-Rami Itie: I'm glad you find this funny.

    @ Denise: Yeah, Adult-err-why is quite something!

    @ Caffeine: Thanks so much. I will check out your blog.

    @ lucci: It means a lot that you find this funny.

    @ JuaNita: Lol. When a language has a wide vocabulary base, such funny coincidences will like happen, no? Can you think of any others?

    @ Yep, Myne (I really owe you for not commenting on your blog, although I read it. I do not quite understand the format, and I find it difficult to go back and read the entire story. Any tips?

    @ Lady Jaye: Yes, thanks for the research. Appreciated. And it is the very fact that "adult" and "adultery" have no link, which makes the coincidence so funny, no?

  7. Kwame Mensa-Bonsu27 January, 2010

    @ Denise and Lady Jaye, Yes, why do something so corrupting?


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