Thursday, December 17, 2009

Spintex Supermarket Road

They are broadening the hairline hips of the Spintex Road into a buxom, bodacious dual carriageway. The cuss-the-government gridlock is already easing up, and the previously plugged passage has more fluid flow, now, than the 37-TQ artery, which is suffering a cardiac arrest. Sundry supermarkets are sprouting up on either side of the works: Melcom, Sneda, Palace (which calls itself a Hypermarket), Price Club and others. I predict some tasteless traffic in 2010. Could it be time to move?


  1. Telltale signs of rapid development?Or is it a case of a shopping district springing up where it is least convenient?
    I say stay and get a bike!

  2. I thnk there is a general lack of planning in the city. One would wonder the kind of schools our planners attended. There is much to be desired. No Nana, stay and buy a helicopter.

  3. Buxom and bodacious dual carriage-ways...Lol. Great stuff! Was on the Spintex road last weekend and tweeted about how it was the most rapidly developing part of Accra. I really dont think u should move since it will soon be the heart of the city! Plus, dont u think the dual carriage will help the flow of traffic?

  4. Kwame Mensa-Bonsu18 December, 2009

    Yes Anon: Planning, planning, planning. Guess all the learning has been put to corrupt use.


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