Monday, December 21, 2009

At The Cinema, A Twice-Told Tale

At the Silverbird, ’spooking’ ‘New Moon’ with the lovely Lil Girl, the guy behind us kept echoing the dialogue in the fantasy flick to the chesty-and-cheeky chick with him – not translating; just repeating.

So, she was either not cosy with the accent – which was quite universal, by me – or she was doing some...thing, else, that was dulcetly distracting her in that darkened, slightly isolated corner of the frigid room.

‘New Moon’, itself, was all it had promised to be, after Lil Girl had shown me ‘Twilight’ on her lemon laptop. But, from the way the well-muscled werewolf, the gothic girl and the vanishing vampire left it, a tantalising trilogy is truly served.


  1. hmmmmm Nana Yaw.

  2. Repeating the movie dialogue? Maybe the lady was hard of hearing but that is quite annoying! I think Silverbird should conduct a class on movie etiquette.
    Mobile phones going off during movies is a pet peeve of mine.
    BTW; I heard New Moon sucked compared to the 1st one. Haven't had the pleasure of watching either.
    @Nana Fredua, welcome back. Seems like ages!

  3. I saw both movies and I'm looking forward to the next. I think they did a fair enough job if not the best.

  4. Hi, NFA, welcome back, and Merry Christmas.

  5. Abena Serwaa, i don't think anybody will sit through such an etiquette class. better it may be to chuck the philistines out of the room. of course that raises its own legal issues.

    about new moon not following well from twilight,i agree with myne that it was not significantly off the mark, although the end was a bit "not right".


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