Wednesday, November 18, 2009

The Ugliness of a Cheater-Beater

A pendulum swing to the third month after the whirlwind romance, proposal, wedding and exotic-islanding, he ‘wormed’ home late one night. He reeked of whisky, sweat and cheap, cheap sex. He did not say hello, could not. He just sprang and slapped the angel in her face, mumbling something about her sitting in his chair. Fuelled by filth and guilt, the force (no farce) of his swinging arm flung a condom pack out of his shirt pocket. Guilty!


  1. oh but abi he was going to use the condom with his wife o. Methinks just cos i have a condom in my pocket don't mean me's guilty.

    And pray tell, don't all sex smell the same? haha!

    And i think the angel should have slapped him right back. Especially in this day when God has stopped making helpless angels.

  2. Esi has said it all.

    What? He's out of his mind sha.

  3. WHAT?! After only 3 months?? Shouldn't they STILL be in the hot-I-can't-get-enough-of-our-newlywed-sex phase??

    Some people just don't need to get married.

  4. Lock up that bastard!
    Accusing Pharisee he is.


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