Friday, November 20, 2009

One-Month Romeo & Not Quite Juliet

Cliques of playas-in-their-prime ‘peacock’ around Adabraka town and other folksy parts of Accra. They have hours and purse-pride aplenty, and precious little self-respect; devoting days and dollars to shifty, married women, pulling out all the stops to knock her down (and, hopefully, not up) and score an ego point. They go ‘Full Romeo’ until the dame is ‘tabled’. Then, they bring down the curtain. Drama over, she goes back home troubled, used, but smiling.


  1. Geez, NY!
    Collision of vanities.
    A manifestation of the absence of self-worth.

  2. is there a membership fee for this club? Hook a bruther up! LOL. I like the "smile" part. U can weather any storm appropriately & peacefully with a smile. Sans combat.

  3. the smile is for the 'income'!

    there rest were the 'inputs' and it's not easy raising 'inputs'! it's a lot of investment sometimes!

  4. Why married women? I guess the husbands remain in the dark...

  5. @ Myne - Most husbands are in the dark anyways. Except for mine of course.


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