Saturday, October 3, 2009

Shoe Shine

You’re indoors, keeping house, just lounging or kitting up for work (regretting that there’s no time to lick-n-buff your shoes). Tat-tat, rat-tat. Silence. Rat-tat, rat-tat. Yes, you heard it! A shoe-shine boy (bless him twice) is drumming up the street to burnish your kickers. But before the hour is surely saved, you have to insure that the polish is “Kiwi”, unless you don’t mind “Lude”.


  1. hmmm... what is Lude? Not sure I know that brand at all. Kiwi is it!hehe

  2. Lude is that cheap shoe polish which returns your shoe to the state it was after, say about half an hour. It shines your shoes well though.

    Thanks Nana Yaw for the comment. I usually blogged about socio-political stuff. Haven't done so in a long while so you really missed nothing. But the reason why most of my stuff is long is because I just can't stop. Lol. I am learning to keep it short and blog more frequently.

    On another note, I need a shoe-shine boy to fix up my shoes. These British cobblers use super glue. Where is that Ghana glue when you need it.

    Damn! I couldn't even keep a comment short. Eye asem oh!

  3. hahaha! i remember back in primary school, one saturday morning myself and a couple of my homies skipped 'saturday classes' to try this shoe shine hustle for a little money so we buy a 'k5' ball for the community. After getting bullied by the KNUST studets ,we retired after a mere 3 hours into the job lol. Stupid katanga hall boys,i'll never forget them but it was fun though lol

  4. Shoe-shine boys for 3 hours? Lol. Must have felt like an eternity with all that bullying. Sorry man, but, at least you have funny memories.

  5. I found the best shoe shine guy... In Las Vegas @ the Venetian Hotel!!! INCREDIBLE WORK!!


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