Monday, October 26, 2009

The Prostitute

She stands scantily clad on the sunless streets of candied Cantonments or carnivorous Circle. She supplies live, natural delights for a fatuous fee. She possesses no other sustenance skills, and would have perished waiting on one or other gormless government or on nonchalant neighbours. Through her sensible skin trade, ten or so dependants can eat. Family infants are fed, clothed and schooled.


  1. How sad, but true 4 some. Everyone should do what they can to survive, it's a must.

  2. MY SO is always surprised that I stick to my debate of legalising prostitution. Your write-up is on point.

  3. Very sad but true story. I've seen endless programs on TV highlighting this very issue.

  4. Right down the street from her is a young woman who chose this trade over a less lucrative one without considering the possible consequences.
    In Gh, there are a large # of people that follow blindly. Tell someone you made a big profit today selling dog chains at Tetteh Quarshie & you will see them there tomorrow selling dog chains too.
    If Prostitution is legalized, there will be a need to continuously educate/counsel & care for those in the trade. Can that be sustained in Gh today? I doubt.
    How can those with no options be saved from taking up this trade? My solution would be to level the financial playing field. Take a little of the top of the MP's salary and add that to the local teachers salaries so that they teach the kids better for them to be in positions to use their brains to feed their family.
    Whilst we are at it, shave a little off the top of the ministers salary also to top up that of the police men so that they do the right thing and quit taking bribes.

  5. fact, to be able to do something to survive (and not injure anybody) and to fail to do that thing is a very, very sad thing indeed.

  6. @Myne...thanks for the support. I genuinely believe in the right to a living!

    @Raine...and yet all the television publicity is doing nothing to help.

    @Mike...that suggestion is brilliant and so obvious that I wonder why it has not already been done. However, I could wager almost anything that it would be easier to legalize prostitution than to dock GHC1.00 from a minister's salary. What do you think?

  7. Ghana set out on a track to eradicate poverty 30 years ago but no progress yet. People were matyred for having more than 2 bathrooms in their homes. (Martyrs bcos they shouldnt have been killed). Greed set in and those leaders now have yatchs & multiple bathrooms in multiple homes.
    True, it will be hard to get a pesewa off a minister's salary.
    Hopefully, future leaders are reading your blog, have seen the picture in the previous post & will do something that counts in their lifetime. We all can.

  8. Mike, hopefully future leaders are reading more (including blogs and all) to form the own views about what world they would like to live in...they should certainly want something better than ours.

  9. Taff Rowlands02 November, 2009

    A fantastic read, so many true issues. It seems that prostitution is only one trade that could benefit from a more integrity based leadership that actually places greed below fairness. Anyone can buy respect but it takes special people to earn respect...Ghana is desperate to respect someone fair!

  10. sorry but i dont agree. prostitution, like everythin else in lyf is a choice. i refuse to accept dat prostitution is some one's ONLY choice! yes! tyms are hard -for all of us but dat shld not be a justification for armed robbery. certainly, da armed robber has other choices. just lyk da prostitute!


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