Friday, October 23, 2009

Identity Symbols

There are rainbow recitals of the sundry symbols same-sexual-polarity people flaunt to recognise one another. They have hues and tones, rings in earmarked earlobes, foreknown fabric, etc. I wonder weakly – if they are ordinary people, why do they need special symbols?


  1. NY, I don't think gay people are the only group to employ symbols etc. to identify themselves. Free Masons have secret handshakes and "special" greetings with which the identify themselves. I don't believe the use of special symbols by gay people suggests that they are not "ordinary" people. Generally, I think ordinary people use symbols to distinguish themselves from others all the time, in ways that are both good & bad. Maybe they are ordinary people trying to survive in an intolerant world. Your post yesterday suggested it wasn't so easy to approach one of the same sex. Maybe that changes if you know by the earring the person you'd like to approach is wearing that he is of the same sexual orientation as you. At the very least, you'll know the person you approach will not try to kill you or want you dead for hitting on them. See Pen Powder's comment on your posting yesterday.


  2. if it is so good why haven't liberal America legalise all these gay thing. I hope one does not approach me. I would kick his damn 'manhole'.

  3. @Nana Fredua-Agyeman,
    i find you very attractive! please dont's say no!

    i'm with you.
    so many different categories of people wear special symbols to identify themselves in society: women are supposed to wear permed hair or artificial hair or braided hair etc so we would know they are women as if without that we won't know. they are supposed to wear earrings too! until recently society at large frowned on women wearing trousers etc.

    so for me the fact that society has made the choice of men to be gay a taboo is enough reason to have a symbol that would sustain this culture.

    i don't see nothing wrong!

  4. I heard they use gaydars too that give sonic buzzwhen another is in the vicinity. Good luck to them if a homophobe gets to use this.

  5. There was a poll here the other day about how to identify a gay person by the cars the drive, by profession, appearance, etc.
    So many people are trying hard to avoid any thing associated with being gay so that they are not mistakenly labelled as such. I know a chap who said he will never drive a certain make of car because that car is associated with 'gayness'. The world is gone crazy.

  6. I think gay people sometimes try hard to blend. Some are sad because they are not themselves but what society wants them to be, Wont be surprised if posterity finds the scientific reason why people are gay...but for now gay people should not be surprised when other find them strange, hell if I saw a cock n cock mating I will think it was wierd, no pun intended.

  7. thing is, 'the gays' i think know within them that they're not being natural and fair to their sexuality. their symbols and rainbow stuff are just a pitiful cry for attention. If it's so right, why do they feel the need to be impress their status and force society to accept them. Nana you're soulja boy. u told em

  8. @Anon,
    if women dress to impress their status just as women do is there anything wrong there??????????

    the thing is that some are just unwilling to accept gays but that should not mean that whatever gays do to promote the culture is weird.

    if Ghanaians wear Kente as part of their culture there's nothing wrong with it and there's no big deal.

    colours or other forms of identity maketh not a gay like me!

  9. Are you gay Novisi? (just curious)

    I thought for a while that I might be. But then a second thought nullified the first.

    My point being that 'gayness' like a many (some might argue all) aspects of human existence is a choice. Ppl choose to be gay. Be it for reasons of being non-conformist, confusion or just getting to a point where you 'believe' this is what you are.

    Same in the reverse case, straight people also are convinced that they are straight. The difference here is that nature and biology are on the side of the majority.

    Because it is a choice of lifestyle that is out of the norm, having distinguishing traits might just be one of the ways to preserve/reinforce the identity of the group.

  10. I agree with Boatemaa and some of the other comments about symbols.
    I'm surprised at Anonymous for suspecting that Novisi may be gay! From all Novisi's comments this week he comes across as a male firmly secure in his heterosexuality! He does not fear "the gays".


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