Saturday, October 10, 2009

The Bouncing Lights at Yeji

When nightfall swallows the day, and only the valiant venture outdoors, a psychedelic spectacle sweeps across the wooded pathways in yawning Yeji town. In the dark distance, dozens of brilliant, yellow lights bounce hippity hop towards you, past you and away into the night. Witches and wizards on their way!


  1. Eish, NY!
    You've gotten me started on these that "bounce hippity hop into the night".
    Years ago we were preparing for an exam @ school. Around midnight we were on our way to the dorm and right on the road not far from the school was this light bouncing up and down.
    I still don't know how I reached the dorm.
    Talk about fleeing for one's life!

  2. Now, tell me, Posekyere, what school are you talking about, and where is this school? Very interesting.

  3. Never seen bouncing lights. In my part of Nigeria, witces are usually assumed to have animal cohorts - birds or cats.

  4. Yeah, Myne, there are some animal associations here too.


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