Wednesday, September 9, 2009


This is my four-hundredth blog post. Since AR started, I have had crossovers into many themes, and, for about a week now, AR has identified itself as a Ghana, urban-culture blog. I admit that I do not even know all urban culture means, but I will learn every day, and I will keep my writer’s eye keen for the telling details everywhere. Thank you all for the blog miles between us. Here’s to more.


  1. Anything culture and i'm in. Shd be interesting to see where you take that. I think it's a good direction. Will be stopping by more that u're venturing into areas that fascinate me. Congratulations on being so prolific.

  2. For some strange reason, I though this was about the Ghanaian version of the movie 300.

    I could picture all those fufuo-macho with sikan getting ready for way with the British.

    keep going strong.

  3. wow,400, congrats! keep it coming!

  4. You would hit's great.

  5. Congratulations Nana Yaw and to borrow an expression from the Ghanaian edition of the lexicon of overused expressions,"More grease to your elbows". Keep it coming.

  6. Happy 400th blog post! Here's to the next 400

    Hugs and Kisses

  7. Congrats, NY.
    You are the man.
    We are hanging around to drink of the river you generate.
    Pretty soon you will be 1000.
    Bless, my friend.

  8. Congratulations Nana Yaw!

  9. happy birtday to the 400.

    I always like to read in your blog. this let me learn lots of ghana.


  10. good job massa, for those of us who are still coming, you are the more grease in our elbows! lol! a toast to four hundred more and better years. cheers!

  11. anything goes.

    like the Otto Phister and all (the guys look cool init but the gals look better!).

    cheers, you doing wonderful!

  12. Thank you all, my friends, you've been my inspiration.

  13. It has been extremely interesting to follow you in this blog, one of its strongest points - besides the content - is how interactive it is, how many comments you get. Im guessing they are more than 4000 already. Congrats to your success!

    Personally, I'm hoping urban culture means more Ghanaian flavor and references. More waakye to all!


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