Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Random Questions

Could the AG quit criticising every court ruling?
Why wasn't Taiwan's murderous mudslide foreseen?
Can the alive Mehsud please stand up?
Could we all spare a thought for Aung San Suu Kyi?


  1. 1. AG and 'criticising'? and the word there is 'could'. could as in 'ability' is an obvious yes! AG could. but 'must' or even 'should' the AG...?
    and for me no democracy worth any substance should lack room for 'criticising'; whether it be an 'habitual' art of finding fault with a court ruling or just a passing review of judgements!
    it must be encouraged. the law in any case is not God and is heavily dependent on human head or other body parts!
    what's important is that the AG's position is subject to review or damning too and it must all be done with sweetness out of the abundance of the head.

    2. the mudslide? it's a human world as usual and we are just as limited. even technology still depends on man. not the other way round. lol.

    3. hahahaha. Meshud? is he still alive or i should stand for him?

    4. for every word, for every motion aimed at 'striking' that needed blow for democracy, yes o yes! a thought for Suu Kyi!

  2. Please stand up, please stand up, haha. Cruel as always!


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