Sunday, August 16, 2009

Nice to meet you. Who are you?

This is earnest embarrassing and not very 'pc', but whenever I meet someone for the very first time, I usually want to know something scandalous about them. I mean prison-scandalous, sexual-scandalous, integrity-scandalous, profession-scandalous, snobbery-scandalous, bigotry-scandalous, etc, etc.

It is not to hold it, nurture it, warp it, hide it, and let it out at a deviously damaging time. It is just to feed fat my human curiosity, and the belief that there's no closet without skeleton. Of course, for the average person that I meet, the locker is disappointingly as clean as a whistle.


  1. I share your curosity Nana. But is the locker really clean or we're just not socialised to flaunt our scandals? I think everyone has a skeleton, or at least some bones in thier closet, but sometimes thier skeletons are still full-bodied and yet to leave thier minds.


  2. or so, they would like you to think. I am the most averager person you can meet. My skeletons can make a village.

  3. Hey Coffie,

    Been ages. I agree with your comment. And, I'm happy we agree that it's more about the curiosity than the scandal we may find. ;)

  4. Dear Matekwor, I am very average too, and I have enough bones to fill a mass grave!

  5. Skeletons? What are they? I have none.
    You know I'm kidding, right?

  6. Skeletons? What skeletons?


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